Headstones and Grave Markers

Since 1995, Eastern Iowa Monument has been committed to provide high-quality headstones in Iowa. 

We work with you in crafting a personalized headstone that your family will honor and cherish for a lifetime.

In your difficult time, we know it is important  to create a beautiful headstone that reflects the memories of your loved ones. 

You can browse through our fine selection of  high quality monument, markers, slants, and bevels to find the perfect headstone. 

With our knowledge and talent we will create your computerized design of what the finished headstone will look like.  

Then once it meets your approval we will sandblast and paint your beautiful headstone

Our number one priority is to make sure your satisfaction is 100% on every detail of your finished headstone. 

It’s our way of showing how much we care in providing the special tribute for your loved one.

I personally meet with you to discuss and design the right headstone for your family. 

You can choose the style and color of  the headstone you wish to personalize.  

Then we can design and add the family name, an image, a family quote, or a photo of your loved one either laser engraved or engraved on a porcelain plaque.  

We do all work in house and even do the installation of your headstone on the cemetery you choose. 


Headstones - Different Types

Headstones are made from different types of stones.  Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, and Slate are the common types of stones.

We recommend Granite as that is one of the most popular, attractive, and durable types of headstones.

After you select your style of granite from our inventory, we sit down with you and help you decide the text, slogan, any pictures or graphics that best suited for the loss of your loved on. 

We create your own unique design on our computer for a draft of what your headstone will look like before we start creating the actual headstone.

Upon your approval we then sandblast and paint your monument.

We can then install your headstone on the cemetery you chose.

Headstones Monuments can be of the following types:

Flat markers: These are set flush to the ground. These monuments are just raised a few inches off the ground; hence, they are known as raised flat markers.  These flat markers are usually granite and come in a variety of colors, and can feature textures, symbols, shapes, designs, and images. 

Slant Markers:  These monuments have a wide base that angles up (generally at 45 degrees) to a tapered top. Thus, it has a slanting front or a sloping back mounted on a granite or cement foundation. 

Bevel Markers:  A bevel marker is similar to a slant marker, but it doesn’t have as steep an angle. The back edge of this marker is raised two to four inches higher than its front edge.  It looks a little bit like a flat marker, but it is raised more inches above the ground.  These markers will mark the resting place of a loved one for centuries. 

Upright Monument: These monuments have an upright headstone at the top and a ‘base’ at the bottom. Upright Monuments thus, have two pieces. These are the most common and traditional monuments that you find at cemeteries and usually weigh over 400 pounds.

Pet Markers

Our pet memorial granite stones are 9″ tall x 12″ wide x 2.5″ thick and come in gray or black colors.  We can take your pet’s photo and convert it to a line art and sandblast and paint it on the granite stone.  

Very popular with pet owners who lost their beloved pet.