Monuments can be of the following types:

Flat markers: These are set flush to the ground. These monuments are just raised a few inches off the ground; hence, they are known as raised flat markers.  These flat markers are usually granite and come in a variety of colors, and can feature textures, sybmols, shapes, designs, and images. 

Slant Markers:  These monuments have a wide base that angles up (generally at 45 degrees) to a tapered top. Thus, it has a slanting front or a sloping back mounted on a granite or cement foundation. 

Bevel Markers:  A bevel marker is similar to a slant marker, but it doesn’t have as steep an angle. The back edge of this marker is raised two to four inches higher than its front edge.  It looks a little bit like a flat marker, but it is raised more inches above the ground.

Upright Monument: These monuments have an upright headstone at the top and a ‘base’ at the bottom.Upright Monuments thus, have two pieces. These are the most common and traditional monuments that you find at cemetaries and usually weigh over 400 pounds.