Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the different types of headstones?

Headstones come in a variety of different styles, grades, and colors.
There are upright monuments, slant markers, flat markets, and bevel markers.

Question: What are the differences between a flat marker, bevel marker, and slant marker?

A flat marker is installed flush on the ground, but the marker itself is raised just a few inches above the ground, so in essence they are known as raised flat markers.

The Slant Marker has a base that angles upward at about 45% angle to a tapered top. They are mounted on a granite or cement foundation.

A bevel marker is similar to the slant marker but doesn’t have as steep an angle. The back edge of this marker is raised about two to four inches higher than the front edge of the marker.

Question: What are the most popular types of materials for headstones

At Eastern Iowa Monument we use primarily granite for headstones. Granite is the most popular, and very attractive, and extremely durable.

Question: Does Eastern Iowa Monument offer a variety of colors and styles?

Yes. We have many different styles and colors to choose from. We currently have an inventory showcasing many popular colors and grades at our warehouse.

Question: Does Eastern Iowa Monument provide installation as well as making monuments?

Yes, we offer installation at most cemeteries in the Eastern Iowa area, unless the preferred cemetery insists on doing the installation themselves. Over the past 19 years, we have installed monuments at many cemeteries

Question: Do you offer a draft version of how the headstone will look like?

Yes, we can even sit with you in our office and create a draft on our computer. If you have an idea of a certain image, photo, graphic, and text inscription we can include that in the draft to show you how the monument will look like.