Bevel Monuments features a sloping or beveled edge

Bevel monuments are rectangular or square-shaped with one or more sides angled or beveled to create a slanting edge.

A Lasting Tribute to Time

Our Bevel monuments are made of granite and can be customized with a design of your choosing.

Here are some of our bevel monuments we created for our customers.

Bevel Monuments Offer A Subtle Presence with Lasting Impact

Bevel monuments offer a distinctive profile that gently slopes from back to front.

The sloping edge helps to shed water and debris, reducing the buildup of dirt and preserving the appearance of the monument over time.

In addition to the beveled edge, we can include inscriptions, artwork, or other decorative elements engraved or etched into the granite surface.

We include the name, dates of birth, and death, as well as meaningful symbols, photos, and artwork that reflect the life and personality of the individual being commemorated.

Personalization in Simplicity

While they may lack the vertical space of upright monuments, bevel markers make creative use of their surface area.

Engraved names, birth, and passing dates, and epitaphs become focal points on the smooth surface, 

Bevel markers offer a more affordable memorial than an upright monument.

Symbols that hold meaning for the departed, such as a flower, or a heart, can be sandblasted onto the stone.  

Memories with Personalization

We transform raw stone into bevel monuments that reflect cherished memories. The inclined surface provides a unique opportunity to sandblast intricate engravings for your loved ones.

The smooth slope of the monument can include delicate designs, scripted letters, and symbols that memorialize your loved one.